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JIB e-Academy and SolutionsJIB e-Academy and SolutionsJIB e-Academy and Solutions

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Joji Ilagan Foundation, Inc.
Joji Ilagan Foundation, Inc. College of Business & Tourism

Joji Ilagan Bian, the Founder of the school stands firm on her belief that quality education should be made available to whoever aspires to learn or improve his chances for employment and upward mobility. The Center is therefore committed to provide curricula and learning programs designed with the development of the whole person in mind - an individual who is skilled, confident and self-assured.
Unique training methods, modem facilities and competent instructors and authoritative consultants work together untiringly to make JOJI ILAGAN CAREER CENTER FOUNDATION always one step ahead. She endeavors to be the consummate institution of learning ensuring the enhancement of existing work skills as well as developing new skills for the changing workforce.

SIXeleven Global Services and Solutions

A 200-seat call center which started its operations in May 2006 and is located in the metropolitan city of Davao, Philippines.

January 2007, SIXeleven opened its Manila based Call Center with 200 seats.

  • A proud first Mindanao-owned international call center that is designed
    for the specific purpose of providing quality customer services in various arena of sales and marketing.
  • Staffed with professionals committed to excellence. Equipped with the most
    modern facilities and state-of-the-art technology like interactive voice response,
    automatic call distribution, predictive dialing, automatic number identification, web collaboration, and email management.
  • Committed to provide our client companies with highly effective and quality customer relationship management services designed to answer the corporate needs
    for productivity, growth and profitability.
  • Provides a complete line of total customer support services, designed to compliment the needs of technology-driven companies and add value to their business operations, products and services.