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Courses Offered Courses Offered


Call Center Training Courses

This course is designed to develop knowledge, skills, and attitudes of a Call Center Representative in accordance with industry standards.

English Language Proficiency

The English Language Proficiency course is one of our most innovative and powerful language programs. It makes use of the Pronunciation Power software which is licensed by the Manila Times Language Institute (TMTLI).

Speech Works

Speech Works is a course for professionals seeking to enhance their communication skills particularly in Business English. The course offers accent neutralization, vocabulary expansion, and improvement in (English) conversational skills.

JIB e-Academy Offers Free Basic English Training

JIB e-Academy and Solutions, the most sought after facility for call center and English proficiency programs in Mindanao, is providing support to the aggressive recruitment of call centers through its latest offering, Free Basic English Training (FBEST).

Customized One-On-One Training Program

In order to continue to provide our clients with the best training possible, JIB e-Academy and Solutions is introducing the Customized One-On-One Training Program.