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English Language Proficiency

The English Language Proficiency course is one of our most innovative and powerful language programs.  It makes use of the Pronunciation Power software which is licensed by the Manila Times Language Institute (TMTLI).

It is a user friendly, interactive program which will allows participants to gain maximum ability in speaking clear English.  This program also lets participants learn English sounds and understand how they are made using the structure of lips, tongue, and jaw.  It offers a variety of exercises that they can practice at their own pace.

The foundation of this course is learning the 52 sounds of the English Language.  It also incorporates the 8 in 1 English Dictionary and Pronunciation Power Idioms.  These products are largely self-driven.

Pronunciation Power Course has been designed to:

  • Identify and improve serious pronunciation problems
  • Cover the 52 sounds necessary to pronounce English words clearly
  • Provide a link between listening and speaking
  • Provide speech adjustment techniques
  • Improve speaking and listening skills

It is designed for students (elementary to college) and professionals to enhance their English proficiency, to become articulate with words, speak clear English (without garbling) and gain confidence through classroom workshop with instructors.  Mastering the 52 sounds will allow individuals to speak English with confidence.

Activities in Pronunciation Power
Briefly, Pronunciation Power includes the following activities:
Sound menu.  Students choose the sounds by clicking on them with the mouse and then hear them pronounced by the instructor.
Lessons.  Listen to the sound and learn how it is made through front and side view videos and animation.
Speech Analysis.  Learners listen to the instructor pronounce the sound and view the instructor’s wave form.  They can then record the sound themselves and compare their sound and wave form with that of the instructor.
Exercises.  Students can choose from a variety of exercises to help students practice the sounds they have chosen. 

Exercises include:

  • Sample word exercises where you compare your pronunciation to the pronunciation of the instructor.
  • Discrimination exercises where you have to discriminate between two similar but different sounds (eg. pat and bat).
  • Sentences exercises where they listen to sentences and then record them.
  • Exercises for practicing Stress, Timing, Articulation, Intonation and Rythm (S.T.A.I.R.)
  • Interactive games

The 8 in 1 English Dictionary
Included in the Pronunciation Power is the 8 in 1 English Dictionary.  It is a standard elementary learner’s electronic dictionary, which contains some useful features for pronunciation.  The most useful of these is a facility which enables you to select words according to initial, middle and final sound.  Imagine how handy this is if you want to practice, for example, the final consonant cluster /ks/.  Once the words have appeared students can listen to them, and can record themselves and then compare their performance against the model.

Whole course - 60 hours. 3 hrs per session, Mondays - Fridays = 20 days