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Speech Works

Speech Works is a course for professionals seeking to enhance their communication skills particularly in Business English.  The course offers accent neutralization, vocabulary expansion, and improvement in (English) conversational skills.  It focuses in the enhancement of listening and speaking skills, and writing of business correspondence.

Speech Works is not your run-of-the-mill speech class because it focuses on hands-on activities which will make students immediately put into practice the theories they’ve learned.

Course Outline:

  • Accent Neutralization – problems in regional accent will be eliminated;  Standard American Accent will be taught.
  • Vocabulary expansion – discovery on new words, idiomatic expressions
  • Enhanced Conversational skills – learner will be more spontaneous in public speaking, presentations, and simple one-on-one conversations.  Interpersonal relationship skills will be developed.

A fun summer program for kids enabling them to speak better, listen actively and be more dynamic in classroom activities.

Happy Talk! - kids will be encouraged to speak, speak and speak!  Prepares learners for presentations that they will have to do in school.  A casual , fun atmosphere that moves at a pretty speedy pace.

Oops!  Did you HEAR that?  - learners will be taught active listening skills.

(This course is offered only during the summer)